September 2021 – Changelog

Current estimate for alpha testing: November 2021.

Since September has mostly been quality improvements for the 1st week in the army, the list doesn’t seem long. Although we have made over 100 Git commits and fixed around 100 issues as well. There’s still lots to do but we surely are getting there!

  • [FEATURE]: New mechanics for making bed (“punkka”) and stack (“pinkka”)!
  • [FEATURE]: Dialogues can now be skipped and “fast-forwarded”.
  • [FEATURE]: Support for civilian clothing in game.
  • [PROGRAMMING]: Huge optimizations regarding GPU draw call amount. Many PCs still won’t run the game on the highest settings but we will default to medium settings to ensure that the game will be playable on most computers that have a dedicated GPU.
  • [PROGRAMMING]: Sh*tloads of bug fixes & implementation of missing logic (player <-> NPC look at, interpolation for various transitions, UI improvements, font fixes, added missing colliders, navigation fixes, task chaining fixed, game loading fixes, facial animation fixes…).
  • [STORY]: Added a lot of new dialogue content for the 1st week.
  • [STORY]: Added many missing pieces here and there during the 1st week (fetching weapons, introductions to daily tasks etc.).
  • [STORY]: Currently writing content for weeks 3 & 4.
  • [ART]: Some new mostly generic 3D props and more clothes for the human characters.
  • [VOICE]: Some more voice acting done for the 1st week’s content.

August 2021 – Changelog

Current estimate for alpha testing: November 2021.

  • [FEATURE]: Ability to partially or totally skip longer voice-acted dialogues.
  • [FEATURE]: Support for vendors in the new UI system.
  • [FEATURE]: Necessary restrictions implemented for Alpha Testing release. (Sorry guys! We don’t want to spoil everything.)
  • [FEATURE]: Improved Steam integration and other preparations regarding the Alpha Testing.
  • [FEATURE]: Service Calendar UI now shows the weekly schedule correctly.
  • [FEATURE]: Tent Watchkeeping will soon be ready.
  • [FEATURE]: Item grabbing mechanics.
  • [FEATURE]: 3D Helper Arrow added for the player.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs now support different moods according to their voice-profiles.
  • [FEATURE]: Name input UI.
  • [FEATURE]: Ability to show and hide stuff in the game world according to the time & day.
  • [FEATURE]: Simple point-to-point navigation implemented in addition to the NavMesh navigation system. Also refactored the whole navigation system so it is now easier to change between the different navigation modes.
  • [STORY]: Lots of new story elements in game! Especially for the 1st day introduction.
  • [AUDIO]: Lots of voice acting and cutting all that for the game.
  • [ART]: 3D Models for:
    • Additional barracks area props.
    • More clothes, gloves, character textures etc.
    • Updated character model.
    • Updated FPS hands model and animations.
  • [ANIMATION]: Some command animations.
  • [ANIMATION]: Animation state machine improvements.
  • [SCENE]: Lots of collider improvements.
  • [TEST]: Major automated test improvements for faster development.
  • [DEV]: Character model import automatization.
Quick! Follow the Corporal to the barracks building! (Some translations are not in place yet.)
Please introduce yourself to the duty officer, rookie!
Beds are all messed up but Corporal Kailas seems oddly satisfied. And why is he wearing a beret inside? What a rascal…

Ready for some digging?

July 2021 – Changelog

During July we’ve most been having holidays so the list is rather short! Expect more in August.

  • [FEATURE]: Bus ride to the army.
  • [FEATURE]: NPC commanding, path following, navigation upgrades.
  • [FEATURE]: Food Menu & Equipment Listing!
  • [STORY]: Beefing up weeks 2-4. Slowly bringing the story content into the game.
  • [SCENE]: Lots of game world improvements.
  • [AUDIO]: Plenty of new voice-overs. We got this thing going on now!
  • [ART]: 3D models for
    • More clothes
    • Camouflage stuff
  • [BUG]: Lots of bug fixes.

June 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: A new & flexible condition checking system.
  • [FEATURE]: Service Task prerequisites. Correctly check stack, bed, closet etc before task begins.
  • [FEATURE]: Ability to check that the closet is in order.
  • [FEATURE]: NPC navigation optimizations.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Evening Strength Calculation.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Tent Watchkeeping.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Finalize 1st week service tasks. After this is done, the rest of the weeks will finish a lot faster.
  • [WRITING]: Lots of new dialogue & story design for the first 4 weeks.
  • [SCENE]: Terrain improvements. More buildings, roads, props etc.
  • [SCENE]: Furniture & colliders to some buildings.
  • [SOUND]: Some environmental sounds added.
  • [ASSET]: Graphics for lectures.
  • [ASSET]: 3D models:
    • Lots of new buildings, oiltanks, hangars etc.
    • Some new vehicles.
    • Mortar 120 & 81.
    • Claymore (“Viuhkapanos”).
    • Messaging related models, antennas, radars etc.
    • More civilian clothes.
    • Officer clothes.
    • Character textures.
    • Flags.
    • Bus.
    • Clothes drying room (“Pyykinkuivaushuone”).
    • Books (“Kätilön Sotakirja”).
    • Story related models – kept in secret for now, no spoilers here…
  • [DEBUG]: Lots of new debugging & testing features to improve efficiency.
Suomenlippu liehuu kasarmialueella
Sotilaan lihashuolto. Kattaa kaikki lihasryhmät. Klonkku, Turtles, Gona.
Upseerin vaatetus. Kunniamitalit. Eversti.
Panssarivaunu saapuu kasarmialueelle.

May 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Tear Gas container (“kyynelkaasukontti”) training implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: Tent Watchkeeping (“lähivartio”) implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: FPS hand IKs regarding guns etc.
  • [FEATURE]: Blinking & sleeping effect.
  • [FEATURE]: Boundary system implementaion.
  • [FEATURE]: New SECRET mechanics implemented. More info later!
  • [FEATURE]: NPC navigation optimization.
  • [FEATURE]: Voice Profile system for NPCs.
  • [DESIGN]: Further game world design.
  • [DESIGN]: Interior furnishment.
  • [SOUND]: Bird & other nature sounds.
  • [SOUND]: A lot of generic sounds overall.
  • [ASSET]: 3D models for
    • Lots of new buildings
    • Cannons, launchers etc.
    • Civilian clothes & apparel, etc.
    • Hairstyles
    • Some improved weapon models.
    • Various signs.
    • VIRVE phone
  • [BUG]: A lot of bug fixes.
  • [DEVOPS]: WIP: CI/CD pipeline configuration.
Seis stop. Sotilasalue. Pääsy ilman lupaa kielletty.

April 2021 – Changelog

  • [ASSET]: 3D models for
    • Speedy Glasses (“nopeet lasit”)
    • Flame Beanie (“liekkipipo”)
    • Karelia beer set of 12 (“mäyräkoira”)
    • Rain coat
    • Basket
    • Military rations (foodpack, “sissimuonapakkaus”)
    • Armored vehicle
    • Snus equipment (“nuuskavälineet”)
    • Knee pads
    • Magazine spring
    • Sausage
    • Plastic bag
    • Water tower
    • More mines (“viuhkapanos”)
    • Shoe polish stuff (“kenkälankki”, “lankkiharja”)
    • HQ building
    • Raakia culinary trail stove (“retkikeitin”)
  • [ASSET]: WIP: Some tanks & cannons.
  • [FEATURE]: Payazzo and slots machine are now fully playable!
  • [FEATURE]: Basic tests implemented (“P1-koe”, “pällitesti”).
  • [DESIGN]: Improvements to the barracks area design.
  • [WRITING]: Service schedule tweaking & meta story writing. More dialogues in general.
  • [AUDIO]: A lot of sound design in general.
  • [AUDIO]: General voice acting for the first weeks and character voice profile design.
  • [MARKETING]: Indiegogo campaign setup & updates:
  • [TOOLS]: Improved debugging tools for faster testing & bug fixing.
  • [BUG]: Many bug fixes regarding the daily routines.

March 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Technical solution for in-game cutscenes!
  • [FEATURE]: Support for facial animations.
  • [FEATURE]: New engine for weather and day-night-cycles.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Gun and hand item equip & animation overhaul.
  • [FEATURE]: NPC Navigation improvements.
  • [DESIGN]: Added furniture to TV room (“TV-tupa”), Canteen (“Sotku”, “Sotilaskoti”).
  • [DESIGN]: Character design (inside the game engine) for Kailas, Latva and Mutanen.
  • [ASSET]: Canteen products: Magazines, candies, chips, soda, tobacco etc.
  • [ASSET]: Character model improvements, helmet, cockade (“kokardi”).
  • [ASSET]: Lots of new animations & poses for the characters.
  • [ASSET]: New nature assets.
  • [MARKETING]: Created a new promotional Teaser Video for the game. ( )
  • [BUG]: Lots of fixes in general.
Sotilaskodin lehdet: Kendo, Luule, Nousee, 6 Nyheter, Sivari, Vehkeiden Salat

February 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Holidays now work as they should.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Accomodation Training, Camping.
  • [FEATURE]: Semi-automatic Janters!
  • [FEATURE]: Support for running cutscene animations in-game.
  • [FEATURE]: Simple flycam support.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs can follow roads automatically.
  • [FEATURE]: Canteen amusement devices!
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Support for facial expressions.
  • [SCENE]: Many game world improvements. New buildings, areas etc.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Models for hair cutter, Police Van, Pickup truck, Off-road vehicle, tent pieces, trench, camping food supplies, logs, folded clothes, Apilas, Garrison Hospital (“Veksi”) etc.
  • [ASSET]: WIP: Canteen models.
Slot Machine

January 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Car driving implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: Car equipment implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: NPC Interaction logic.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Boundary Manager.
  • [FEATURE]: Leaderboards!
  • [FEATURE]: Player state improvements (Crouch, Prone, “Zoom” etc.).
  • [WRITING]: Meta story continues!
  • [ASSET]: 3D Models for Backbag, Utility belt (“Taisteluvyö” / “Tetsari”), AUK & RUK medal, running track, sports center, gym, sauna, swimming pool, kitchen assets.
  • [ASSET]: WIP: 3D Models for Obstacle Course (“Esterata”)
  • [TEAM]: 3 new team members (T.T., E.J., N.F.) join the party! Team size is now 14!
  • [DESIGN]: Game world refinement.
  • [DESIGN]: A lot of planning for the future!

December 2020 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Logic for 1st day arrival (incl. getting army equipment).
  • [FEATURE]: Equipment & Body part visibility according to equipped items.
  • [WRITING]: More dialogues for the first week.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Models for equipment warehouse (“Varusvarasto”), restaurant (“Muke”), Sisu A2045, polo shirt, cargo container, Doctor’s office, minor props.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Modelling for Jortikka (female character).
  • [ASSET]: WIP: 3D Models for napalm track (“Napalmirata”), Obstacle Course (“Esterata”)
  • [TEAM]: F.V. and Eppu Nissinen joins the team! Team size is now 11!
  • [DESIGN]: Game world refinement.