March 2022 – Changelog

Another month survived & progress made! We managed to unlock day 3 for the alpha testers and soon there is more coming. April will be sort of a holiday month so expect a bit less then, though.

Here’s what happened (the list is rather short but the tasks have been bigger)

  • [CODE]: Days 1-7 now almost all-done & fully playable!
  • [CODE]: Implemented some janter & target shooting mechanics and task flow.
  • [CODE]: Improved RK-69 effects & physics.
  • [CODE]: Blend shape support implemented for different body shapes.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Eating mechanics.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Various RK-69 holding poses for military drills.
  • [UI]: Designed and implemented a new stats view.
  • [SCENE]: Major lighting improvements overall.
  • [DESIGN]: Even more Game Mechanics design for different upcoming service tasks & events.
  • [ART]: Improvements to character body shapes, textures etc.
  • [WRITING]: Lots of narrative design & content creation.