January 2022 – Changelog

Whoa, what a start of a year! We’ve went through COVID (well, 3 of us at least) and other ridiculous diseases (no STDs this time). But now we are back – stronger than ever!!

Btw we got a new Game Designer to design some missing mechanics, attribute & skill systems etc. And of course to improve the existing ones, too. Since he is not a programmer, we now have our first team member to spend most of the time working on the mechanics design on paper.

Sorry alpha testers for still not unlocking day 2 for you. We want to improve Military Drill mechanics until we’re happy with them. Shouldn’t take much longer. After that, days 3-5 should be a lot faster to fully implement so you can expect a bit faster unlocks for those.

Military Drill exercise going on here! Dress!

But anyway, let’s see what we’ve done…

  • [DESIGN]: Game Mechanics design for dozens of different upcoming service tasks & events.
  • [DESIGN]: Player attributes design & balancing.
  • [DESIGN]: Player skill tree design & balancing.
  • [DESIGN]: Player attribute change UI design.
  • [CODE]: Military Drill overhaul. Formation dressing (“ojennus”) is now somewhat functional (meaning still not perfect).
  • [CODE]: Office Manners (“toimistokäyttäytyminen”) overhaul & queueing mechanics.
  • [CODE]: Evening Strength Calculation (“iltavahvuuslaskenta”).
  • [CODE]: Some additions related to RK-69 mechanics (not gonna spoil more here though).
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now be ordered to look at something whenever we want.
  • [CODE]: NPC navigation improvements again.
  • [CODE]: Ability to limit player speed depending on leader NPC movement speed.
  • [CODE]: Ability to play custom NPC animations more easily at any point.
  • [CODE]: Player attribute change & UI implementation.
  • [CODE]: Fast-Forwarding mechanics fixes & improvements.
  • [CODE]: Ability to order player to any position in formations.
  • [BUG]: Many minor & major bug fixes related to pretty much everything.
  • [VOICE]: Lots of new voice acting.
  • [STORY]: Lots of new dialogue & upcoming events.
  • [ANIM]: Pointing, punching, knocking, military drills etc.
  • [ART]: Mostly character customizations & improvements.
We still need to fix some camera issues… 🙂
MonthGit commit count
January 202272
December 202180
November 2021240
October 2021130
September 202180
August 202170
July 202135
June 202160
May 202170
TV Room seems to be mostly operational.
Work in progress, but… Whoever recognizes this guy can go tell him about this! He might even say that “there is no military service” (“ei oo mitään varusmiespalvelusta”)! And before you even ask: Yes, we have permission for this (I think so, yes, right?).