The following estimates will change as we progress further in the development. Nothing in the future is set in stone.

You can find our public Trello Board here:

FAS Project is Revealed

First Devlog was released on YouTube, revealing the next hit game.

FAS Steam Page is Published

FAS has been added publicly to Steam. Here we began gathering the wishlist.

Pre-Sale starts on Indiegogo

Early pre-sale began on Indiegogo to see whether people actually like our concept.

Pre-sale Ends on Indiegogo

Pre-sale ends with €12,993 EUR total sales which was more than our target of €10,000 EUR. Development continues!

Closed Alpha Testing Begins

First release for our early backers to test. This release had only the 1st day available to play.

Days 2-3 Released for Closed Alpha Testing

Our Early Backers got their hands on days 2-3 as well.

Public Demo Released on Steam

Our first public demo with 3 playable events was released on Steam.

Days 4-22 Released for Alpha Testers

The first three weeks were made available for FAS Alpha Testers.

FAS Early Access Release

First 4 weeks of content.

Week 5 Release

Week 5 of military service was released, incl. bazooka, frag grenade training and military oath.

Week 6 Release

Week 6 of military service will be released.

Week 7 Release

Week 7 of military service will be released.

Week 8 Release

Week 8 of military service and New Game+ game mode will be released.

Quality of Life Updates

Optimizations, gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Procedurally Generated Weeks 9-12

4 new procedurally generated weeks + Service Pass release containing a few new items. This update also includes new random encounters (small gigs, chores) for the player to do.