September 2021 – Changelog

Current estimate for alpha testing: November 2021.

Since September has mostly been quality improvements for the 1st week in the army, the list doesn’t seem long. Although we have made over 100 Git commits and fixed around 100 issues as well. There’s still lots to do but we surely are getting there!

  • [FEATURE]: New mechanics for making bed (“punkka”) and stack (“pinkka”)!
  • [FEATURE]: Dialogues can now be skipped and “fast-forwarded”.
  • [FEATURE]: Support for civilian clothing in game.
  • [PROGRAMMING]: Huge optimizations regarding GPU draw call amount. Many PCs still won’t run the game on the highest settings but we will default to medium settings to ensure that the game will be playable on most computers that have a dedicated GPU.
  • [PROGRAMMING]: Sh*tloads of bug fixes & implementation of missing logic (player <-> NPC look at, interpolation for various transitions, UI improvements, font fixes, added missing colliders, navigation fixes, task chaining fixed, game loading fixes, facial animation fixes…).
  • [STORY]: Added a lot of new dialogue content for the 1st week.
  • [STORY]: Added many missing pieces here and there during the 1st week (fetching weapons, introductions to daily tasks etc.).
  • [STORY]: Currently writing content for weeks 3 & 4.
  • [ART]: Some new mostly generic 3D props and more clothes for the human characters.
  • [VOICE]: Some more voice acting done for the 1st week’s content.