August 2021 – Changelog

Current estimate for alpha testing: November 2021.

  • [FEATURE]: Ability to partially or totally skip longer voice-acted dialogues.
  • [FEATURE]: Support for vendors in the new UI system.
  • [FEATURE]: Necessary restrictions implemented for Alpha Testing release. (Sorry guys! We don’t want to spoil everything.)
  • [FEATURE]: Improved Steam integration and other preparations regarding the Alpha Testing.
  • [FEATURE]: Service Calendar UI now shows the weekly schedule correctly.
  • [FEATURE]: Tent Watchkeeping will soon be ready.
  • [FEATURE]: Item grabbing mechanics.
  • [FEATURE]: 3D Helper Arrow added for the player.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs now support different moods according to their voice-profiles.
  • [FEATURE]: Name input UI.
  • [FEATURE]: Ability to show and hide stuff in the game world according to the time & day.
  • [FEATURE]: Simple point-to-point navigation implemented in addition to the NavMesh navigation system. Also refactored the whole navigation system so it is now easier to change between the different navigation modes.
  • [STORY]: Lots of new story elements in game! Especially for the 1st day introduction.
  • [AUDIO]: Lots of voice acting and cutting all that for the game.
  • [ART]: 3D Models for:
    • Additional barracks area props.
    • More clothes, gloves, character textures etc.
    • Updated character model.
    • Updated FPS hands model and animations.
  • [ANIMATION]: Some command animations.
  • [ANIMATION]: Animation state machine improvements.
  • [SCENE]: Lots of collider improvements.
  • [TEST]: Major automated test improvements for faster development.
  • [DEV]: Character model import automatization.
Quick! Follow the Corporal to the barracks building! (Some translations are not in place yet.)
Please introduce yourself to the duty officer, rookie!
Beds are all messed up but Corporal Kailas seems oddly satisfied. And why is he wearing a beret inside? What a rascal…

Ready for some digging?