February 2022 – Changelog

During February we updated the Alpha Tester Steam Build to include Day 2. Days 3-7 are well under way and day 3 may be unlocked this week. As said previously, the upcoming days are a lot faster to implement since we have a flexible core design already existing.

Screenshot yield for February was not huge but there’s some character related at the end. Perhaps March offers a bit more!

Let’s see what we’ve done in February!

  • [DESIGN]: Game Mechanics design for dozens of different upcoming service tasks & events.
  • [CODE]: Implemented the rest of the necessary Military Drill mechanics for the first three Military Drill exercises.
  • [CODE]: Fully implemented Military Drill exercises 1 & 2. Started implementation of Military Drill exercise 3.
  • [CODE]: Marches support running phases.
  • [CODE]: March leader now properly acts as a part of the march.
  • [CODE]: Improvements to animator & visual item equipping.
  • [CODE]: Finalized day 2 implementation.
  • [CODE]: Integrated cleaning service (“siivouspalvelus”, “sipa”) mechanics into the game.
  • [CODE & UI]: Implemented systems for Traits, Attributes, Skills and Skill Trees. Also integrated those systems into the game mechanics.
  • [CODE]: Implemented most of the unlockable skills.
  • [CODE]: Improved saving system to store some data more persistently.
  • [CODE]: Implemented a lot more useful debugging tools.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Doctor’s appointment.
  • [BUG]: Many minor & major bug fixes related to pretty much everything.
  • [VOICE]: Lots of new voice acting.
  • [STORY]: Lots of new dialogue & upcoming events. We are currently at week 3 and have done most of the camping related dialogues for weeks 4 – 8 already. Soon we will focus more on the “meta story” (conspiracy theories etc).
  • [ANIM]: Animation improvements.
  • [ART]: Mostly character customizations & improvements.
Custom poses for different equipment!
Strandén offering you some “golden elixir”.
Different body shapes coming up!
MonthGit commit count
February 2022113
January 202272
December 202180
November 2021240
October 2021130
September 202180
August 202170
July 202135
June 202160
May 202170