October 2022 – Changelog

Happy halloween everyone! The changelog is ready.

This update may feel short since we are putting all our effort on the Early Access release which is scheduled for December 2022. Early Access version will most likely have the first 4 weeks (easily over 10 hours) of playable content. And we promise that there’s a lot more to come!

Suhakka doesn’t seem to know how he ended up here…
Good old landmines…

List of things done:

  • [FEATURE]: Players can now select difficulty level when starting a new game.
  • [FEATURE]: Added permadeath for harder difficulties.
  • [FEATURE]: Decrease sanity when being in the rain. (“Hajottaako?”)
  • [FEATURE]: Cooper Test.
  • [FEATURE]: Morning Comb (“Aamukampa”) can now be purchased from the canteen.
  • [FEATURE]: Some inventory items can now be inspected up close.
  • [FEATURE]: Players need to purchase a padlock from the canteen & lock their closet to prevent others from stealing their stuff!
  • [UI]: Revamped settings menu and added some new settings.
  • [CODE]: Fixed some hand item presentation on NPCs and on FPS hands.
  • [CODE]: Lots of optimizations & bug fixes.
  • [CODE]: A lot of new achievements implemented.
  • [CODE]: Players can now get orienteering, running and shooting medals according to their score.
  • [CODE]: Implemented some of the player skills that were not yet implemented.
  • [CODE]: Implemented support for Steam Leaderboards.
  • [CODE]: Grenade Throwing exercise (“Kranaatinheittoharjoitus”) is now working.
  • [CODE]: Added localization support for many parts where it was still missing (for example Handyman’s Soldierbook (“Kätilön Sotakirja”)).
  • [CODE]: Implemented a lot of camp related activities a bit further but many parts are still in progress.
  • [STORY]: A lot of new story content written & implemented into the game.
Wait, what?? Is that Pauli trying to smuggle his rifle on a holiday with him?
You probably shouldn’t be here…
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September 2022 – Changelog

Helloooo!!! It’s autumn now. The summer is over. This is the time when Finland is starting to get too cold once again. We’ve already got some nights below zero degrees Celsius.

By the way, we recently released a demo on Steam, containing 3 short episodes:
> Cleaning Service
> Shooting Practice (RK1)
> Tent Building

The demo is downloadable for free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1184250/Finnish_Army_Simulator/

We have two Finnish streamers streaming FAS Demo over Twitch and Steam with Rally English at the following dates and times:
> Paulin Pelivideot @ October 4th 20:00 (GMT+3): https://www.twitch.tv/paulinpelivideot
> Azaa4 @ October 5th 20:00 (GMT+3): https://www.twitch.tv/azaa4

You can subscribe to the calendar events on Steam:
> Pauli: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1184250/view/3314109736295215175
> Azaa4: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1184250/view/3300599570675116754

We also participated in Pocket Gamer Connects (PGC) 2022 @ Helsinki. Here’s a proof, look:

People were eager to get their hands on FAS. They even formed a pretty neat queue! Some tried to purchase the T-Shirt right off from Niko! Would you like to get one as well?
We did some memory optimization…

Unfortunately, most of the time was spent making various optimizations, gameplay feel improvements and bug fixes. This will continue in October as well but we’ll do our best to create new content as well in the meantime.

The current alpha version now seems to run 20 FPS on Steam Deck! 😅

Our current target is to get at least 4 weeks of content ready for the Steam Early Access version which we will hopefully be able to put on sale during December 2022 for around 30 euros! Development will continue after this of course and the major goal is to create the full 6 month experience for the full game release.

Here’s what we’ve done in September:

  • [FEATURE]: Implemented all the capabilities for the free three event demo.
  • [FEATURE]: Ability to climb ladders. Obstacle course is now mostly functional.
  • [FEATURE]: Added ducking for music when a voice-over is playing.
  • [FEATURE]: Added a lowpass filter that is affected by wearing earmuffs.
  • [CODE]: Changed navigation system to a “better one” which caused a lot of new issues.
  • [CODE]: Did a lot of performance optimization. The game world is now loaded and unloaded mostly dynamically based on the player’s current location. Still some players with 16 GB RAM experience the game crashing on load. We are investigating this issue.
  • [CODE]: Improvements to save game file handling.
  • [CODE]: Added support for Korean localization (fallback font).
  • [UX]: Some gameplay improvements, player feel improvements, more tutorials, etc.
  • [BUG]: A lot more bug fixes than ever before.
  • [TOOLS]: Dev tool improvements.
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August 2022 – Changelog

Woah, August went quickly. Playable demo is coming out in almost one month on Steam. We’re currently implementing content for weeks 4-5 and fixing bugs and improving gameplay for the earlier weeks in the meantime.

Let’s see what we’ve done in detail:

  • [DEMO]: October 2022 demo is mostly ready!
  • [FEATURE]: Equipment check & packing for camps now work properly.
  • [FEATURE]: Changed NPC navigation with a new better implementation to prevent any major bugs and annoyances from happening.
  • [FEATURE]: Added some new wakeup and morning shouts.
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented a lot more service tasks for weeks 2-4. Sorry, not going to open up much this time since we want to keep some secrets!
  • [FEATURE]: Basic camping activities (tent building, sleeping, eating at the camp, warming up the tent) now mostly work.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs and player now cause footstep effects depending on the surface.
  • [FEATURE]: Added support for viewing canteen products up close.
  • [FEATURE]: New playable card game in the TV room!
  • [CODE]: Zoning, Intoxication, Athletics XP are now being given correctly.
  • [CODE]: Implemented support for some more player skills.
  • [CODE]: Implemented support for some Steam Achievements.
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now properly take various shooting positions, and military drill rifle holding poses.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Implementing grenade throwing and M72 Law shooting functionality.
  • [ART]: WIP: Achievement icons.
  • [DIALOGUE]: A lot of new dialogue added for various events & free time.
  • [DIALOGUE]: Translated demo related content to English.
  • [VOICE]: A lot of new voice overs for many characters.
  • [AUDIO]: A lot of new environmental sounds added.
  • [BUG]: Various improvements to gameplay feel.
  • [BUG]: A lot of bug fixes.
ALERT!! Everybody just woke up in the middle of the night. Sound familiar?
Alright, back to sleep…
Ahh… Eating some yummy soup in the rain. But what are those other guys doing?!?
Shooting practice going quite well!
You can now also view the magazines in the canteen.
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July 2022 – Changelog

Hello there! We are posting this changelog a bit early since the upcoming weekend is already occupied for some other stuff.

It has been clearly the most productive month so far and we managed to create a lot of new service task types to the game. Also some story elements were added in the meantime.

I was orienteering in the woods and found a mysterious bunker..!

Our target is to finish
– Week 4 in August,
– Weeks 5-6 in September,
– Week 7 in October and
– Week 8 in November.

We’ll be participating in Steam Next Fest from October 3rd to October 10th where we’ll be hosting a gameplay live stream and a public demo will be available for everyone to play!

Demo level select menu.

The updated Steam Early Access release target is November 2022. Early Access version should include all content for Weeks 1-8 (Basic period, “P-kausi”).

Rifle handling practice!

So, let’s see what we’ve done in detail:

  • [FEATURE]: Days 1-17 are now fully playable. Basic Training Period (“P-kausi”) consists of 8 weeks (56 days) but those include some holidays and a few skipped days.
  • [FEATURE]: Shooting Practice implementation with appropriate dialogue (“RK1” etc.).

Shooting Exercise RK1. Shooting from 150 meters in prone position.
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented more Military Drill Exercises (“Sulkeisjärjestysharjoitus”).
  • [FEATURE]: Support for Open Square Formation (“Opetusavoneliö”).
Open Square Formation!

  • [FEATURE]: Implemented sprinting & stamina features.
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented battle training with wingman (“Taisteluparin eteneminen maastossa”).

(In Finnish, SORRY!) Testing some of the battle training mechanics (WIP).
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented a stopwatch UI for various exercises.
  • [FEATURE]: All weekend leave events should now be playable.
  • [FEATURE]: Tent watchkeeping (“Lähivartiovuoro”) implemented.

Tent watchkeeping at night.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs can now sleep in sleeping bags.
  • [FEATURE]: Created a new menu for Storylines. Player can now easily track progression of each Storyline.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Started implementing support for M72 LAW (KVKES, “Kevyt Kertasinko”).
  • [DEMO]: Implemented a level select menu.
  • [DEMO]: Implemented some feature locks regarding the demo version.
  • [CODE]: Many orienteering improvements. Map is now drawn correctly.
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now take standing, kneeling & prone shooting positions.
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now place objects on preset positions (on tables, on the ground etc).
  • [BUG]: Fixes to exams & score handling.
  • [BUG]: Many minor improvements & bug fixes overall.
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June 2022 – Changelog

As of today, Jeri has temporarily reduced his working hours (at his day job) from 100% –> 60% so that he’ll be able to work more on FAS during July and August. This is a huge win for the project since we are all working on the project on our free time (which is getting short from time to time).

Greetings from our fictional presidents!

Our Steam Early Access release target is still within 2022 and at that point the game should include Basic Training Period (“P-Kausi”) meaning 10 – 40 hours of gameplay content. Content creation and improving the experience in general will continue after the release. We aim to give more info on the release schedule in the upcoming changelogs as we see how we start to progress with the new allocation.

Why does Westerlund have so many buns???

What comes to the progress made, June was again a bit quieter than usual since the weather in Finland has been surprisingly nice and warm. Our team members have also had some holiday trips during the last few weeks.

Strandén does not stress.

Target for July is to completely implement Weeks 2 and 3. We already know that Weeks 4 and 7 will take more time to implement since those weeks include a lot of yet unimplemented tasks. Hopefully we are able to implement also those during August. After that the rest should be quite easy. 😎

Some orienteering map updates. The control points are now being updated dynamically (and correctly) on the map!

Here’s again a list of things done:

  • [FEATURE]: Implemented Missing Material Notification (“Häväri”, “pienvahinkoilmoitus”).
  • [FEATURE]: Player can now eat during breakfast, lunch & dinner if a dialogue exists for that event.
  • [FEATURE]: Duty Officers (“Päivystäjä”) added!
  • [FEATURE]: P1 exams (“P1-koe”, “Peruskoe”) implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: Diving for battle training implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: Added sprinting support & stamina bar.
  • [CONTENT]: The whole first week is now mostly implemented. Also the upcoming weeks got a lot of things already done.
  • [ANIM]: NPCs now have better support for various shooting positions.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Shooting practice mechanics. Logic for guiding the player through the practice, taking correct shooting poses etc.
  • [CODE]: Rifle dismantling should now be working correcly.
  • [CODE]: Did some optimization that should improve framerate.
  • [CODE]: Orienteering map now finally works properly.
  • [UI]: Some UI improvements. Nicer looking animations etc.
  • [SCENE]: Added 5 new NPCs.
  • [ART]: Added some paintings to HQ, canteen & restaurant.
  • [BUG]: Many many minor bugs fixed again.
Some busted fingers… WHOOPS!
Still figuring out how to handle the rifle…
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May 2022 – Changelog

Wow, we almost forgot! It’s changelog time!

During May, we had some testing & demo sessions with our friends & at Nordic Game 2022 @ Malmö. While the feedback has been 99% positive, we feel like we must add things to maintain player’s motivation when doing some of the repetitive tasks. This is a real problem in the army as well so, yeah, we kinda simulate that part well, too! But FAS is a game after all and should entertain the players at least 70% of the time.

Bryan Marsh from Procedural Worlds checking out our trailer video!

Here’s once again the things done:

  • [CODE+SCENE]: Fixes in canteen. Player should now be mostly able to interact with the canteen vendor, NPCs can queue properly, music has been added, missing colliders have been added, payazzo is working again etc.
  • [FEATURE]: Blank firing adapter can now be attached & detached from the inventory window.
  • [FEATURE]: Fetching weapons tasks have now been implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: Rifle dismantle tasks have now been implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: Cleaning service tasks have now been implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: New load game menu.
  • [WRITING]: A lot of new dialogue written.
  • [ART]: Plenty of models for various items.
  • [BUG]: Fixed some problems that were breaking save game files.
  • [BUG]: Fixed some problems when loading save game files.
  • [BUG]: Fixed NPCs not being able to interact correctly with some interactables. Also fixed NPC interaction chaining.
  • [BUG]: HQ collider fixes.
The arsenal
Fetching the rifles.
Some useful items.
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April 2022 – Changelog

As mentioned in March, April 2022 has ben partially a “holiday month” for us. We have still managed to build bunch of new things & booked two tickets to Nordic Game 2022 @ Malmö (May 17th to May 20th). If you’re going there as well, feel welcome to come by and say hello! Let’s make the Finnish military service globally well known!

During the last few days we’ve been building a new game trailer for the upcoming conference. It should be ready by May 17th at latest and then released on YouTube as well. Our intention is to gather feedback from the international audience as much as possible to ensure that Finnish Army Simulator will provide an entertaining experience outside Finland as well.

We do our best to release days 5-7 for alpha testers during May.

List of things done in April:

  • [ALPHA]: Finalized day 4 and released it for alpha testers.
  • [CODE]: Ongoing work (mostly bug fixes) for days 5-7.
  • [CODE]: A lot of hospital related implementation.
  • [CODE]: Hearing & vision tests.
  • [CODE]: RK-69 shooting & effects improvements (sway, recoil, muzzle flash, etc).
  • [CODE]: Shooting janters is now fully implemented.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Card game mechanics.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Eating mechanics.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Soldier’s Guide (“Sotilaan käsikirja”, “Kätilön sotakirja”, “Käsimiehen sotakirja”…) implementation.
  • [CODE]: Implemented some new tools that are useful for shooting cutscenes & trailer videos.
  • [WRITING]: A lot of new background dialogue for freetime (TV room, restaurant, canteen etc).
  • [WRITING]: Dialogue for week two exercises.
  • [WRITING]: Soldier’s Guide.
  • [DESIGN]: Wooden exploding targets.
  • [DESIGN]: Some weather effect improvements.
  • [VOICE]: A lot of voice acting for various characters & events.
  • [SCENE]: Furniture & improvements to indoor areas (hospital, sports center).
  • [ANIM]: Lots of new human animations added to the game.
  • [ANIM]: Improvements to hand item handling (weapons, shovel, etc).
  • [BUG]: Once again lots of bug fixes.
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March 2022 – Changelog

Another month survived & progress made! We managed to unlock day 3 for the alpha testers and soon there is more coming. April will be sort of a holiday month so expect a bit less then, though.

Here’s what happened (the list is rather short but the tasks have been bigger)

  • [CODE]: Days 1-7 now almost all-done & fully playable!
  • [CODE]: Implemented some janter & target shooting mechanics and task flow.
  • [CODE]: Improved RK-69 effects & physics.
  • [CODE]: Blend shape support implemented for different body shapes.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Eating mechanics.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Various RK-69 holding poses for military drills.
  • [UI]: Designed and implemented a new stats view.
  • [SCENE]: Major lighting improvements overall.
  • [DESIGN]: Even more Game Mechanics design for different upcoming service tasks & events.
  • [ART]: Improvements to character body shapes, textures etc.
  • [WRITING]: Lots of narrative design & content creation.
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February 2022 – Changelog

During February we updated the Alpha Tester Steam Build to include Day 2. Days 3-7 are well under way and day 3 may be unlocked this week. As said previously, the upcoming days are a lot faster to implement since we have a flexible core design already existing.

Screenshot yield for February was not huge but there’s some character related at the end. Perhaps March offers a bit more!

Let’s see what we’ve done in February!

  • [DESIGN]: Game Mechanics design for dozens of different upcoming service tasks & events.
  • [CODE]: Implemented the rest of the necessary Military Drill mechanics for the first three Military Drill exercises.
  • [CODE]: Fully implemented Military Drill exercises 1 & 2. Started implementation of Military Drill exercise 3.
  • [CODE]: Marches support running phases.
  • [CODE]: March leader now properly acts as a part of the march.
  • [CODE]: Improvements to animator & visual item equipping.
  • [CODE]: Finalized day 2 implementation.
  • [CODE]: Integrated cleaning service (“siivouspalvelus”, “sipa”) mechanics into the game.
  • [CODE & UI]: Implemented systems for Traits, Attributes, Skills and Skill Trees. Also integrated those systems into the game mechanics.
  • [CODE]: Implemented most of the unlockable skills.
  • [CODE]: Improved saving system to store some data more persistently.
  • [CODE]: Implemented a lot more useful debugging tools.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Doctor’s appointment.
  • [BUG]: Many minor & major bug fixes related to pretty much everything.
  • [VOICE]: Lots of new voice acting.
  • [STORY]: Lots of new dialogue & upcoming events. We are currently at week 3 and have done most of the camping related dialogues for weeks 4 – 8 already. Soon we will focus more on the “meta story” (conspiracy theories etc).
  • [ANIM]: Animation improvements.
  • [ART]: Mostly character customizations & improvements.
Custom poses for different equipment!
Strandén offering you some “golden elixir”.
Different body shapes coming up!
MonthGit commit count
February 2022113
January 202272
December 202180
November 2021240
October 2021130
September 202180
August 202170
July 202135
June 202160
May 202170

January 2022 – Changelog

Whoa, what a start of a year! We’ve went through COVID (well, 3 of us at least) and other ridiculous diseases (no STDs this time). But now we are back – stronger than ever!!

Btw we got a new Game Designer to design some missing mechanics, attribute & skill systems etc. And of course to improve the existing ones, too. Since he is not a programmer, we now have our first team member to spend most of the time working on the mechanics design on paper.

Sorry alpha testers for still not unlocking day 2 for you. We want to improve Military Drill mechanics until we’re happy with them. Shouldn’t take much longer. After that, days 3-5 should be a lot faster to fully implement so you can expect a bit faster unlocks for those.

Military Drill exercise going on here! Dress!

But anyway, let’s see what we’ve done…

  • [DESIGN]: Game Mechanics design for dozens of different upcoming service tasks & events.
  • [DESIGN]: Player attributes design & balancing.
  • [DESIGN]: Player skill tree design & balancing.
  • [DESIGN]: Player attribute change UI design.
  • [CODE]: Military Drill overhaul. Formation dressing (“ojennus”) is now somewhat functional (meaning still not perfect).
  • [CODE]: Office Manners (“toimistokäyttäytyminen”) overhaul & queueing mechanics.
  • [CODE]: Evening Strength Calculation (“iltavahvuuslaskenta”).
  • [CODE]: Some additions related to RK-69 mechanics (not gonna spoil more here though).
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now be ordered to look at something whenever we want.
  • [CODE]: NPC navigation improvements again.
  • [CODE]: Ability to limit player speed depending on leader NPC movement speed.
  • [CODE]: Ability to play custom NPC animations more easily at any point.
  • [CODE]: Player attribute change & UI implementation.
  • [CODE]: Fast-Forwarding mechanics fixes & improvements.
  • [CODE]: Ability to order player to any position in formations.
  • [BUG]: Many minor & major bug fixes related to pretty much everything.
  • [VOICE]: Lots of new voice acting.
  • [STORY]: Lots of new dialogue & upcoming events.
  • [ANIM]: Pointing, punching, knocking, military drills etc.
  • [ART]: Mostly character customizations & improvements.
We still need to fix some camera issues… 🙂
MonthGit commit count
January 202272
December 202180
November 2021240
October 2021130
September 202180
August 202170
July 202135
June 202160
May 202170
TV Room seems to be mostly operational.
Work in progress, but… Whoever recognizes this guy can go tell him about this! He might even say that “there is no military service” (“ei oo mitään varusmiespalvelusta”)! And before you even ask: Yes, we have permission for this (I think so, yes, right?).