January 2023 – Changelog

As you already might have noticed, Finnish Army Simulator was released in Early Access on 13 Jan 2023 on Steam. Since that date we’ve been very busy optimizing the game and fixing all sorts of bugs. Fast iteration cycle has also caused some new bugs that are constantly being fixed as well.

Huge thanks to all streamers & YouTubers who have either streamed or created videos of the game! We hope your saga continues as we create additional content.

In the meantime we have started prototyping some mechanics related to various educational branches (Signaller, Driver, Artillery Observer, Grenadier) and implementing story content for week 5. The forementioned educational branches are not guaranteed to ever get released. If we feel like the mechanics work well, we start integrating them into the main game and release them probably as separate DLCs with additional story & military training related content.

We’ve also started to create a public roadmap regarding the development. It’s not ready yet but here’s some target milestones (not set in stone, anything on this list may get cancelled or delayed):

  • Week 5 (incl. grenades, bazooka, story content) – 28th February 2023
  • Week 6 (incl. NBC alerts, napalm track, soldier’s skill test track) – 31st March 2023
  • Week 7 (incl. RK exercises, basic period’s attack shooting exercise (“PTAH”)) – 7th May 2023
  • Week 8 (incl. New Game+ unlock) – 31st May 2023
  • DLC Roadmap Available – Q2 / 2023
  • FAS VR Edition – 2024
Strandén is always ready to kick your ass.

In January 2023 we’ve done:

  • [RELEASE]: Prepared the Early Access release. Did a lot of marketing related stuff, Steam configuration and other build preparations.
  • [CODE]: Added some new Steam Leaderboards.
  • [CODE]: Added some new tutorials into the game.
  • [CODE]: A lot of optimizations. Incl. custom Occlusion Culling system.
  • [CODE]: Prototyping for Signaller, Driver, Grenadier and Artillery Observer branch related mechanics.
  • [CODE]: Implemented Sauna mechanics (prototype). Still has to be integrated into the game properly.
  • [CODE]: Integrated Card Game (Marshal’s Stab) to the game. Cards can be played with Koikkalainen in the TV Room!
  • [ART/CODE]: Created some new VFX.
  • [UI]: Implemented new Status Icon UI (bottom-left corner of the HUD).
  • [LOCALIZATION]: Localized all week 1-4 content to English.
  • [LOCALIZATION]: Started Korean and German localization.
  • [STORY]: Wrote week 5 military training and story dialogues.
  • [ART]: Some work done for the character model.
  • [BUG]: Shitload of new bugs and bug fixes.
Playing Marshal’s Stab with Koikkalainen.
The legendary watch that most conscripts use in Finland.
You don’t mess with Mr. Matalamäki.