August 2022 – Changelog

Woah, August went quickly. Playable demo is coming out in almost one month on Steam. We’re currently implementing content for weeks 4-5 and fixing bugs and improving gameplay for the earlier weeks in the meantime.

Let’s see what we’ve done in detail:

  • [DEMO]: October 2022 demo is mostly ready!
  • [FEATURE]: Equipment check & packing for camps now work properly.
  • [FEATURE]: Changed NPC navigation with a new better implementation to prevent any major bugs and annoyances from happening.
  • [FEATURE]: Added some new wakeup and morning shouts.
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented a lot more service tasks for weeks 2-4. Sorry, not going to open up much this time since we want to keep some secrets!
  • [FEATURE]: Basic camping activities (tent building, sleeping, eating at the camp, warming up the tent) now mostly work.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs and player now cause footstep effects depending on the surface.
  • [FEATURE]: Added support for viewing canteen products up close.
  • [FEATURE]: New playable card game in the TV room!
  • [CODE]: Zoning, Intoxication, Athletics XP are now being given correctly.
  • [CODE]: Implemented support for some more player skills.
  • [CODE]: Implemented support for some Steam Achievements.
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now properly take various shooting positions, and military drill rifle holding poses.
  • [CODE]: WIP: Implementing grenade throwing and M72 Law shooting functionality.
  • [ART]: WIP: Achievement icons.
  • [DIALOGUE]: A lot of new dialogue added for various events & free time.
  • [DIALOGUE]: Translated demo related content to English.
  • [VOICE]: A lot of new voice overs for many characters.
  • [AUDIO]: A lot of new environmental sounds added.
  • [BUG]: Various improvements to gameplay feel.
  • [BUG]: A lot of bug fixes.
ALERT!! Everybody just woke up in the middle of the night. Sound familiar?
Alright, back to sleep…
Ahh… Eating some yummy soup in the rain. But what are those other guys doing?!?
Shooting practice going quite well!
You can now also view the magazines in the canteen.