May 2022 – Changelog

Wow, we almost forgot! It’s changelog time!

During May, we had some testing & demo sessions with our friends & at Nordic Game 2022 @ Malmö. While the feedback has been 99% positive, we feel like we must add things to maintain player’s motivation when doing some of the repetitive tasks. This is a real problem in the army as well so, yeah, we kinda simulate that part well, too! But FAS is a game after all and should entertain the players at least 70% of the time.

Bryan Marsh from Procedural Worlds checking out our trailer video!

Here’s once again the things done:

  • [CODE+SCENE]: Fixes in canteen. Player should now be mostly able to interact with the canteen vendor, NPCs can queue properly, music has been added, missing colliders have been added, payazzo is working again etc.
  • [FEATURE]: Blank firing adapter can now be attached & detached from the inventory window.
  • [FEATURE]: Fetching weapons tasks have now been implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: Rifle dismantle tasks have now been implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: Cleaning service tasks have now been implemented.
  • [FEATURE]: New load game menu.
  • [WRITING]: A lot of new dialogue written.
  • [ART]: Plenty of models for various items.
  • [BUG]: Fixed some problems that were breaking save game files.
  • [BUG]: Fixed some problems when loading save game files.
  • [BUG]: Fixed NPCs not being able to interact correctly with some interactables. Also fixed NPC interaction chaining.
  • [BUG]: HQ collider fixes.
The arsenal
Fetching the rifles.
Some useful items.