October 2022 – Changelog

Happy halloween everyone! The changelog is ready.

This update may feel short since we are putting all our effort on the Early Access release which is scheduled for December 2022. Early Access version will most likely have the first 4 weeks (easily over 10 hours) of playable content. And we promise that there’s a lot more to come!

Suhakka doesn’t seem to know how he ended up here…
Good old landmines…

List of things done:

  • [FEATURE]: Players can now select difficulty level when starting a new game.
  • [FEATURE]: Added permadeath for harder difficulties.
  • [FEATURE]: Decrease sanity when being in the rain. (“Hajottaako?”)
  • [FEATURE]: Cooper Test.
  • [FEATURE]: Morning Comb (“Aamukampa”) can now be purchased from the canteen.
  • [FEATURE]: Some inventory items can now be inspected up close.
  • [FEATURE]: Players need to purchase a padlock from the canteen & lock their closet to prevent others from stealing their stuff!
  • [UI]: Revamped settings menu and added some new settings.
  • [CODE]: Fixed some hand item presentation on NPCs and on FPS hands.
  • [CODE]: Lots of optimizations & bug fixes.
  • [CODE]: A lot of new achievements implemented.
  • [CODE]: Players can now get orienteering, running and shooting medals according to their score.
  • [CODE]: Implemented some of the player skills that were not yet implemented.
  • [CODE]: Implemented support for Steam Leaderboards.
  • [CODE]: Grenade Throwing exercise (“Kranaatinheittoharjoitus”) is now working.
  • [CODE]: Added localization support for many parts where it was still missing (for example Handyman’s Soldierbook (“Kätilön Sotakirja”)).
  • [CODE]: Implemented a lot of camp related activities a bit further but many parts are still in progress.
  • [STORY]: A lot of new story content written & implemented into the game.
Wait, what?? Is that Pauli trying to smuggle his rifle on a holiday with him?
You probably shouldn’t be here…