July 2022 – Changelog

Hello there! We are posting this changelog a bit early since the upcoming weekend is already occupied for some other stuff.

It has been clearly the most productive month so far and we managed to create a lot of new service task types to the game. Also some story elements were added in the meantime.

I was orienteering in the woods and found a mysterious bunker..!

Our target is to finish
– Week 4 in August,
– Weeks 5-6 in September,
– Week 7 in October and
– Week 8 in November.

We’ll be participating in Steam Next Fest from October 3rd to October 10th where we’ll be hosting a gameplay live stream and a public demo will be available for everyone to play!

Demo level select menu.

The updated Steam Early Access release target is November 2022. Early Access version should include all content for Weeks 1-8 (Basic period, “P-kausi”).

Rifle handling practice!

So, let’s see what we’ve done in detail:

  • [FEATURE]: Days 1-17 are now fully playable. Basic Training Period (“P-kausi”) consists of 8 weeks (56 days) but those include some holidays and a few skipped days.
  • [FEATURE]: Shooting Practice implementation with appropriate dialogue (“RK1” etc.).

Shooting Exercise RK1. Shooting from 150 meters in prone position.
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented more Military Drill Exercises (“Sulkeisj√§rjestysharjoitus”).
  • [FEATURE]: Support for Open Square Formation (“Opetusavoneli√∂”).
Open Square Formation!

  • [FEATURE]: Implemented sprinting & stamina features.
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented battle training with wingman (“Taisteluparin eteneminen maastossa”).

(In Finnish, SORRY!) Testing some of the battle training mechanics (WIP).
  • [FEATURE]: Implemented a stopwatch UI for various exercises.
  • [FEATURE]: All weekend leave events should now be playable.
  • [FEATURE]: Tent watchkeeping (“L√§hivartiovuoro”) implemented.

Tent watchkeeping at night.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs can now sleep in sleeping bags.
  • [FEATURE]: Created a new menu for Storylines. Player can now easily track progression of each Storyline.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Started implementing support for M72 LAW (KVKES, “Kevyt Kertasinko”).
  • [DEMO]: Implemented a level select menu.
  • [DEMO]: Implemented some feature locks regarding the demo version.
  • [CODE]: Many orienteering improvements. Map is now drawn correctly.
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now take standing, kneeling & prone shooting positions.
  • [CODE]: NPCs can now place objects on preset positions (on tables, on the ground etc).
  • [BUG]: Fixes to exams & score handling.
  • [BUG]: Many minor improvements & bug fixes overall.