May 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Tear Gas container (“kyynelkaasukontti”) training implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: Tent Watchkeeping (“lähivartio”) implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: FPS hand IKs regarding guns etc.
  • [FEATURE]: Blinking & sleeping effect.
  • [FEATURE]: Boundary system implementaion.
  • [FEATURE]: New SECRET mechanics implemented. More info later!
  • [FEATURE]: NPC navigation optimization.
  • [FEATURE]: Voice Profile system for NPCs.
  • [DESIGN]: Further game world design.
  • [DESIGN]: Interior furnishment.
  • [SOUND]: Bird & other nature sounds.
  • [SOUND]: A lot of generic sounds overall.
  • [ASSET]: 3D models for
    • Lots of new buildings
    • Cannons, launchers etc.
    • Civilian clothes & apparel, etc.
    • Hairstyles
    • Some improved weapon models.
    • Various signs.
    • VIRVE phone
  • [BUG]: A lot of bug fixes.
  • [DEVOPS]: WIP: CI/CD pipeline configuration.
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