March 2021 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Technical solution for in-game cutscenes!
  • [FEATURE]: Support for facial animations.
  • [FEATURE]: New engine for weather and day-night-cycles.
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Gun and hand item equip & animation overhaul.
  • [FEATURE]: NPC Navigation improvements.
  • [DESIGN]: Added furniture to TV room (“TV-tupa”), Canteen (“Sotku”, “Sotilaskoti”).
  • [DESIGN]: Character design (inside the game engine) for Kailas, Latva and Mutanen.
  • [ASSET]: Canteen products: Magazines, candies, chips, soda, tobacco etc.
  • [ASSET]: Character model improvements, helmet, cockade (“kokardi”).
  • [ASSET]: Lots of new animations & poses for the characters.
  • [ASSET]: New nature assets.
  • [MARKETING]: Created a new promotional Teaser Video for the game. ( )
  • [BUG]: Lots of fixes in general.
Sotilaskodin lehdet: Kendo, Luule, Nousee, 6 Nyheter, Sivari, Vehkeiden Salat