December 2020 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Logic for 1st day arrival (incl. getting army equipment).
  • [FEATURE]: Equipment & Body part visibility according to equipped items.
  • [WRITING]: More dialogues for the first week.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Models for equipment warehouse (“Varusvarasto”), restaurant (“Muke”), Sisu A2045, polo shirt, cargo container, Doctor’s office, minor props.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Modelling for Jortikka (female character).
  • [ASSET]: WIP: 3D Models for napalm track (“Napalmirata”), Obstacle Course (“Esterata”)
  • [TEAM]: F.V. and Eppu Nissinen joins the team! Team size is now 11!
  • [DESIGN]: Game world refinement.