October 2020 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Further extending Unity Timeline.
  • [FEATURE]: The normal daily “Service Tasks” are now playable in sequence.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs can now play sequenced interactions (during free time and during Service Tasks).
  • [FEATURE]: WIP: Orienteering Training.
  • [DESIGN]: Lots of game world improvements.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Modelling for Nallukka – The Pantywaist.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Models ready: Sweat jacket & pants (“Smurffiasu”), Running Shoes, T-Shirt, Holiday Bag (“lomakassi”), Compass, road signs, orienteering control point, Smoking Shelter, Auditorium.
  • [ASSET]: WIP: 3D Models for restaurant (“Muonituskeskus”) and warehouse (“Varusvarasto”).