August 2020 – Changelog

  • [FEATURE]: Subtitle and Voice-Over system.
  • [FEATURE]: Class Room / Lecture Gameplay Mechanics.
  • [FEATURE]: Updated from Built-In Rendering Pipeline to Universal Rendering Pipeline.
  • [ASSET]: 3D Models: Wooden Pointer (“karttakeppi”), Chalkboard, flipchart, markers, video projector, overhead projector (“piirtoheitin”), outhouse (“ulkohuussi”), Canteen Van, Binoculars, Skis & Poles, Bicycle, Shooters Medal (“ampujamerkki”).
  • [TEAM]: Jani Tiitinen joins the team! Team size is now 9!
  • [CONTENT]: Lecture content for basic lectures.
  • [AUDIO]: Recorded some lecture voice-overs.