March 2020

  • [FEATURE]: New soldier animation engine implementation. Salute while walking. Turn head towards a target.
  • [FEATURE]: Canteen vendor can now sell items.
  • [FEATURE]: Morning Comb model + UI + teeth snapping animation.
  • [FEATURE]: Day-Night Cycle visualisation.
  • [FEATURE]: Shooting Practice support. Points calculation, target practice.
  • [ASSET]: 3D models for mess kit (“pakki”) plastic bags, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, barracks building, shooting range.
  • [FIX]: UI Window improvements & bug fixes.
  • [FIX]: Visually equipping / unequipping shirts, jackets and underwear now shows up correctly.

February 2020

  • [FEATURE]: Show UI icon and text when targeting an interactable 3D item.
  • [FEATURE]: Pause menu implementation.
  • [FEATURE]: Implementing vendor window (in progress).
  • [ASSET]: New 3D models for half-platoon tent, logs, closet, blue box, hanger, sandals, towel, axe, mess kit (“pakki”).
  • [FIX]: Inventory UI Fixes.

January 2020

  • [FEATURE]: Ability to throw grenades that explode and notify which targets they did damage to.
  • [FEATURE]: Show 3D models in inventory instead of 2D sprites.
  • [ASSET]: New 3D models for KVKES, flashlight, stove, gas mask, spork, grenade.
  • [FIX]: Inventory UI and item improvements.

December 2019

  • [FEATURE]: 3 Button Code Sequence implementation (game mechanic).
  • [FEATURE]: Added vendor to canteen. Not yet functional.
  • [FEATURE]: Rank Up Window.
  • [FEATURE]: Digging support & Object Found Dialog.
  • [FEATURE]: Education Branch Selection Window.
  • [FEATURE]: Toilets and sinks are now interactable.
  • [FEATURE]: NPCs can now change scene.
  • [FEATURE]: Implementation for daily service task chaining and UI.
  • [ASSET]: New soldier nameplate UI.
  • [FIX]: Formation AI improvements.
  • [FIX]: Barracks area scene improvements.
  • [FIX]: Improved 3D object glow on hover.
  • [FIX]: Input restriction fixes.
  • [FIX]: Saving and loading improvements.
  • [FIX]: Many UI fixes.