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Updated: 2021-05-05

Mitä mukaan armeijaan?
No ainakin Finnish Army Simulator!

Koulutushaarakohtainen kysely avoinna!
Vastaamalla voit vaikuttaa tulevan pelin sisältöön!

Interview at (in Finnish)

Finnish Army Simulator: Ooo Las Palmas, Sun luoksesi lämpimään. Intti poika pitää metsäleirillä kamiinaa mansikkana M05 varusteet päällä.

The Purpose?
To provide a realistic but humorous experience of the Finnish Military Service (conscription, ‘intti’) around the year 2011. We want you to feel nostalgic! RK 62, M05, hazing / bullying (‘simputus’), NBC Alarms (‘suojeluhälytys’)…

Intti pinkka, punkka

Pinkka on kyllä hyvin suunniteltu harjoite. Ruudut täytyy saada tasalleen, mutta päiväpeitto kiertää aina johonkin suuntaan. Aina uutta korjattavaa. Niin inspiroivaa ja kannustavaa!”

Alokas Suhakka

The Catch?
The player can relate to the content if she/he has been through the Finnish Army. Strong language, black humor, strict guidelines, repetitive tasks, simple core mechanics are the heart of the game.

  • Finnish Army Simulator: Supela, Lappeenranta, sotilas, lääkintämies, Suomen armeija, intti

The Education?
Ever wondered what your pals experienced during their time in the army? You were in a different platoon and didn’t have a chance to participate in the same training? Now you can choose your own educational branch and see what it’s been like!

NBC Alert Gasmask kaasunaamari nasse päässä


Alikersantti Kailas

The Mechanics?
Remember those good old “track and field” type of games? How about “Tony Hawk” games? This game will feature a lot of mechanics that many will remember from their childhood. Furthermore, RPG elements like dialogues, inventory, player stats, free roaming, skill trees etc. will provide additional depth to the gameplay.

”B-miehillä voi olla jokin farmakosmillinen este, jos vaikka raajoja puuttuu tai on vakava krominen astmatismi. Teitäkin tarvitaan, täysipäiväinen kirjuri on esiarvoisen tärkeä osa jokaisen yksikön päivittäistä toimintaa.”

Kapteeni Mustikka

The Story?
The game will have a “meta plot”. The player will be able to reveal army secrets that shouldn’t be commonly known. The player also maintains connection to the outside world by watching TV news and participating in activities during the weekend holidays which both will affect the gameplay.

Okay, I’m in! Where can I buy the game?
The game will be available on Steam for PC and we are planning on an Xbox One + Xbox Series X release. The PC release date is yet unknown but should be around H1 / 2022. You can participate in the development by joining our Discord server and throwing in some great ideas you’d like to see in the game! Also, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page for news.